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Tutoring Services

Are you a parent who is seeking for professional help for your child who is having difficulty in coping with his/her lessons in school? Or are you an individual who want to gain advanced knowledge ahead of others in school? Or are you preparing yourself for an examination?


Tutoring Services LLC offers an alternative solution to understand lessons learned from classroom instructions and get them excited to learn and improve their grades, encourage them to do their homework and assignments, and develop positive attitude for learning.


We offer the best tutorial services in New Rochelle NY through online tutoring, home-based tutoring, and homework help. We are the best source of competent and qualified tutors whom you can trust to help your children in attaining their educational goals yet helping them also to become self-reliant, confident and responsible young learners. It caters to students of different levels ranging from elementary to Grade 12, middles school, high school, and even college whether they are falling behind their grades, or wanting to have advanced knowledge, having difficulty in getting their homework and assignment done, or preparing them for examinations.


Tutorial services offer flexibility, easy and simple ways of understanding your lessons in school, and competitive tutoring rates. Online tutoring is a learning method where students will be able to learn their lessons in school with the help of online tutors while home-based tutoring services provides one-on-one approach to learning offering the convenience and comfort in their homes. We have proficient and friendly tutors who can provide tutoring to students to any academic level and subjects such as English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, History, Geography, and more. At Tutoring Services LLC, we offer reasonable tutoring rates. We have qualified tutors who went through background check.


Generally, both online and home-based tutoring services provide personalized tutoring and one-on-one attention in helping the students understand and appreciate what they have learned from the classroom instruction. It also gives the students a good opportunity to ask questions and get precise answers from their friendly tutors; give them additional time to study after class hours and the strategy is more focused on the lessons and on the tasks that need to be accomplished; help them develop good study habits and study skills that will drive them to study more and do their homework by themselves; and tutoring will inspire them to perform better in school confidently and responsibly.


With our qualified tutors, we educate, we inspire, and we empower our students/tutees to become better performing students in school, responsible in accomplishing their homework, assignments, and other school tasks confidently, and encourage them to study and learn.


Contact us by sending us email or by calling us and let us have discussion about the benefits of tutorial services that we offer to help students/tutees become self-reliant, confident, and responsible young learners. By discussing together, we will be able to determine the students’ academic needs and goals to achieve.


Welcome, then, to Tutoring Services LLC, your partners in helping your children develop self-reliance, responsibility, and confidence in performing their tasks in school, at home, and in their community.