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Terms and Conditions - Tutors

Terms and Conditions for Tutors


1. These terms and conditions for tutors declare that “tutors” refer to the tutors of be it teachers, educators or students who have met the job requirements and have been successfully hired for tutor jobs in New Rochelle, CT.

2. These terms and conditions for tutors declare that New is owned by Tutoring Services, LLC, a company registered in the United States.

3. These terms and conditions for tutors declare that “” is owned and operates under Tutoring Services, LLC, a company registered in the United States.


4. By registering as a tutor for or any of its sub-pages, you agree to the following terms and conditions. You are informing or declaring your approval of these terms and conditions for tutors and in all circumstances agree that this will be applied to your use of our services provided by Tutoring Services, LLC and

5. Our tutors are required to undergo background record check, our background record check is done by independent provider such as LexisNexis for which you as a tutor agree to pay for prior to obtaining tutoring session.  LexisNexis provide us pass/fail results of your background check at which point we decide whether we should refer you to the student's parent when tutoring opportunity arises or not.

6. Additionally, if you are curious, you can run background check online on yourself by visiting and see if you have any records which potentially may prevent you from getting a tutoring job with is a publically available background checking database service which allows you to view your background check records.  It's independent from LexisNexis background check service and is strictly there for your personal verification.

7. Parents may refer to it occasionally to view background check online at any time or prior to hiring you, since this is the recurring constantly updated database, the background checking fee is done on monthly recurring basis.  Hence, if you decide to sign up on to view your own online background check and see what parents see when viewing your record, then be sure to sign up for it then cancel it after viewing your background check, otherwise you'd get charged monthly if your membership expires.

8. operates under Tutoring Services, LLC company. It's strictly prohibited for tutor to work with the parents directly and avoiding from collecting 30% administrative fee from each tutoring session. If such mistreat is found on behalf of the tutor, then additional internal and lawful actions may be enforced, which may result, but not limited to; termination of tutor's employment with, complete ban from entire tutoring services industry all together, in the form of negative testimonials audio/video/text reviews within tutors profile, complete ban from applying for major tutoring jobs sites postings preventing tutor in obtaining any tutoring jobs opportunities with any match making tutoring agencies altogether, automatic bad reviews on the entire network of educational sites, decreasing chances of obtaining employment with any tutoring jobs agencies and possible legal actions, in the form of fines or any other state legislative actions.



Tutoring System


9. reserves the rights not to refer students to any tutors if there is any indication that the tutor is mistreating the system and working with the students directly.  Such action if not proven, but suspected may result in to simply deny any potential student lead referrals to such tutors.  Appropriate algorithms are in place to flag such tutors based on the random surveys from student feedbacks and based on the fact of whether or not tutor continuously stops tutoring students after predefined number of student referrals as well as other variables, not discussed in the terms and conditions.

10. Tutors are welcomed to create their own discount packages based on pricing discount section as described in the pricing section. Upon successful employment with, tutors can get raises based on the number of hours tutored on the students. The more hours you tutor, the closer you get towards getting a raise.


11. Tutors working for can benefit from obtaining students in multiple cities, for which they can service students. All we do is ensure that tutors get student leads, and parents are satisfied with the tutors they are matched with.  By registering as a tutor with, you agree to notify us of your schedule and constantly updating your calendar indicating date of the scheduled session.  The calendar of the scheduled session will be constantly checked by our staff and randomly verified and recorded with the parent/student upon completion of such tutoring session.  Several criteria will be checked for when obtaining student/parent feedback.

12. By working for, you will be provided with your own email account for which you will have access to all the necessary tools, such as calendar, docs and any other relative information to your employment with   If you are going for vacation, you must update that information in your calendar and notify parents of rescheduled dates through email while carbon copying (email cc)   This way, we can provide substitute tutor upon availability if parent requires one.  Substitute tutors are tutors in the area who can provide help in similar subjects that the primary tutor specializes in.  Upon initial employment with, you will be assigned a substitute tutor if such tutor is available.

13. A substitute tutor is the tutor that agrees to work under the conditions of the primary tutor's pre-paid discount tutoring package, hourly rate, and has similar subject knowledge expertise as the primary tutor. You must notify your substitute tutor through email ccing staff ahead of time for any type of tutoring which you cannot do in the event of your unavailability. Substitute tutor would get credited the amount of tutoring sessions for which the primary tutor wasn't available based on the primary tutor's rate and tutoring pre-paid discount package.

Payment System


14. By working for, you agree that the payment made by the student parents or the student should be made out directly to Tutoring Services, LLC.  Upon receiving such payment from the student, you will be automatically getting paid in the form of direct deposit or personal check from Tutoring Services, LLC.  If the parent/student asks you who should they write out the check to, kindly instruct the parent/student to write out the check to Tutoring Services, LLC.

15. By working as an independent contractor for, you agree to get paid Bi-Weekly, all of the tax information is strictly made based on 1099 TAX independent contractor form. You agree to refer to legislation tax laws for your state where you live at and report your income accordingly. By working as independent contractor for, you are reporting the amount of money you made based on providing tutoring sessions.



16. We encourage our tutors to work with local school teachers hand in hand in ensuring that the students they are tutoring follow school’s curriculum. By working for, you agree to notify us in regards to what book the student is using, name of the teacher who, you as the professional tutor will be corresponding with from time to time, to ensure that your tutoring sessions coincide with what the teacher is teaching within the classroom.

17. During such correspondence between teacher/parent and the tutor, you agree to CC staff in all such communications.  Such correspondence should include what book sections teachers will be covering in the upcoming weeks/months, what tests and quizzes mid-terms and finals are coming up and what prep material teacher recommends or can provide to the tutor.

18. Random surveys will be conducted between our agency and the school teachers to see if the tutor is helping teacher's student in improving student's grade. By working for, you agree for such correspondence, if the result of such surveys come out non-satisfactory, then the possibility of obtaining another student lead from becomes less likely. As other tutors may be corresponding with teachers, parents may want to choose a tutor who works closely with student's school curriculum to improve student's grade.  If there is an indication that the tutor doesn't even try to initiate informative correspondence between teacher & parent then this acts as one of the factors which would decrease future possibility of parent choosing such tutor.

19. Tutoring Services, LLC and reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions for Tutors at any time and inform our tutors and clients of the current changes once they log in to the site.

20. These Terms and Conditions for Tutors are strictly governed under the laws of the State of Connecticut, U.S.A. Any misconduct, violations of such terms and conditions are subject to legal actions.

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Jonathan F   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Programmer
I Speak: English
New york

Rye : 10580
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 290
Background check: Last verified 8/3/2015  Passed
I have over 1 year of total teaching experience (multiple subjects), and have written a book called "Principles of Programming: Java Level 1", which covers the Java programming language from "Hello World" to while loops.Ever since I was young, I've always been told that I am a great teacher. I am my family's go-to guy, when there's a computer problem. Starting when I was in the third grade, I invented various math-related games that friends of mine played. The kids told me of how they became better at math, as a result of playing my... Read More
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Terms conditions High School (*Relative to the category of this subject.) $ 65 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$
Varna N   [ TUTOR ]
Qualification: Under Graduate
Occupation: Tutor
New york

White plains : 10601
img  Shortlist Tutor
View(s): 151
Subject Teaching Level Rate
Terms conditions College, Elementary, Middle School, High School (*Relative to the category of this subject.) $ 0 per hour
This Tutor Offers Discount Packages Save Money $$$