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Terms and Conditions - Students

Terms and Conditions for Students


1. These terms and conditions for students declare that “students” refer to the “clients” of be it parents or students themselves looking for tutors in New Rochelle, CT, homework help and private tutoring at New

2. These terms and conditions for students declare that New is owned by Tutoring Services, LLC, a company registered in the United States.

3. These terms and conditions for students declare that “” is owned and operates under Tutoring Services, LLC, a company registered in the United States.


4. By verifying that you have reviewed and read our terms and conditions for students and continuing as a client for New, you are informing or declaring your approval of these terms and conditions for students and in all circumstances agree that this will be applied to your use of our services provided by Tutoring Services, LLC and

5. Tutoring Services, LLC and/or is a 3rd party, match-making tutoring agency wherein we demand a 30% administrative fee from our tutors after every tutoring session. All our tutors are independent contractors; therefore, we strongly encourage each “clients” to run a background check online as we are not responsible for any financial or moral misconduct on behalf of the registered tutors. Our tutors are required to submit and verify their background data, if for any reason they may not agree to such terms, we deny the tutor of employment. Additionally, we operate and verify tutor’s background checks ourselves and ensure that such information and data provided from the background check online are accurate.

6. Prior to starting a tutoring session, our tutors are required to pay an initial fee for background check online for such tutors in Tutoring Services, LLC, which is a very good reason why we strongly urge the parents to verify the tutor’s background check online for the tutors you are in the process of hiring.

7. By signing up to, the “clients” will be getting constant access to the continuously updated background check database throughout the entire duration of the private tutoring session for a monthly fee, however, if the clients do not want a permanent and premium access to the background check database and only require an access once, we suggest that our clients simply should subscribe to the trial membership and cancel the trial subscription for them not to be charged in a recurring basis.

8. All tutoring transactions and communications of Student to Tutor shall be directly relayed to for us to assure the reliability and security of the website and ensure the safety of both student and tutors of New and Tutoring Services, LLC.

Payment System

9. All student payments are done through Student to Tutor in US Dollars or checks after each tutoring session. We do not confuse our clients with any unfamiliar transactions to ensure payment transparency and simplicity.


Tutoring System

10. After each tutoring, we encourage our “clients” to email New to give us a basic overview of how the tutoring session went and to allow us to initiate immediate actions if our clients are dissatisfied of the quality of service provided by the assigned tutor.

11. The student should inform New for any changes of an incoming Tutoring schedule for us to inform the tutor and arrange for another time where both student and tutor are available. If for any reason the tutor fails to attend a booked session, the Student should immediately report a non-attendance and email us at callmytutor@New

12. For another tutoring session, Students should directly contact New and not the tutors themselves to ensure a safe and transparent financial transaction. If such misuse is found within a transaction on behalf of the tutor, further internal and lawful actions will be imposed which may result, but not limited, to: tutor’s employment termination at, overall complete ban from the entire tutoring services altogether, postings of negative testimonials in text/video/audio format in the tutor’s profile, complete ban from applications in major tutoring sites preventing the tutor in getting tutor jobs opportunities with any match making agencies or services altogether, instant negative reviews on numerous educational sites, minimal chances of getting employment with any tutoring jobs agencies, and legal actions; in the form of fines or any other state legislative act.

13. Our tutors provide their own student discount prepaid tutoring package as stated in our pricing section. Our tutor’s tutoring package ensures that the more the parent buys in the form of prepaid tutoring session package, the bigger the discount the tutor can offer.


14. In circumstances when the parents deicide to forfeit and cancel a prepaid tutoring package due to tutor incompetency in subject proficiency, tutoring methods or for any other reasons for example, showing up late all the time and/or inconsistent tutoring schedule, etc, we will provide a refund to the parents which will vary on the tutor’s hourly rate and supply the parent with a different tutor who may also have a different prepaid tutoring package but may be more suited for the parent and the student.

15. Tutoring Services, LLC, and strongly encourage and require each parent to supervise each tutoring session responsibly.


16. Tutoring Services, LLC and reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions for Students at any time and inform our users and clients of the current changes once they log in to the site.

17. These Terms and Conditions for Students are strictly governed under the laws of the State of Connecticut, U.S.A. Any misconduct, violations of such terms and conditions are subject to legal actions.