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Welcome to Tutoring Services LLC!


While tutoring is an outstanding option for the teachers, individuals, and even college students to earn some extra cash while teaching, parents choose tutors for some reasons: tutoring gives their children the necessary knowledge in a comfortable way, it helps their children learn easily, and tutoring offers reasonable tutoring rates.


Some studies reveal that beyond 80% of the parents who hire tutors noticed that there is an improvement in the grades of their children, their performance in school, and in their school works, within three to six months of regular tutoring sessions.


Tutoring Services LLC is a dynamic team of proficient, competent and friendly tutors who are committed to help students/tutees improve not only in academic pursuits or endeavors, but also improve their study skills and study habits that will eventually help these children become responsible, independent, and confident learners!


Why do our clients choose us over the years?

Parents believe in the effectiveness of our tutoring program and services to help their children cope with the school demands. Our tutors in New Rochelle NY have the ability to help their students/tutees by using learning strategies that fit the individual learner without the pressures of the classroom settings.


Parents want their children learn the current and the future lessons easily and comfortably. These parents believe that their children will learn to be more confident, responsible and more cooperative in the classroom.

Parents choose our tutoring services because it offers reasonable rates with quality tutoring program, aside from the convenience it gives them.

So, if you believe that your child needs help in achieving his/her academic goals, we are inviting you to take a tour site and check on their tutoring program and services that we offer. If you are convinced that we can help your child grow and learn with us, you can contact us now by giving us a call or by sending us an email to help you process your registration with us. Do not waste time, contact us now and let us discuss how we can best help your children in school.