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Praxis2 Maths Test

Praxis2 Maths Test

PRAXIS II Tests for High School Math Certification

PRAXIS II Tests for High School Math CertificationIf you teach or intend to teach secondary-level mathematics in a public school setting, you may be required to pass one of the PRAXIS II Subject Assessments in secondary math.

For math certification in grades 7-12, for instance, the state of Pennsylvania requires a score of 136 on the PRAXIS II Mathematics content knowledge Exam (0061). Want secondary math certification in Virginia? You’ll need a score of 147 on the same test. In Connecticut, the magic number is 137.

Meanwhile, read the following descriptions of PRAXIS II tests you may need for certification in high school math.

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Exam (0061)

This two-hour PRAXIS II test contains 50 multiple-choice questions and requires a graphing calculator. Forty-four percent of the questions deal with algebra and number theory, functions, and calculus. Here are the other question topics: measurement, geometry, trigonometry, data analysis and statistics, probability, matrix algebra, and discrete mathematics.

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Pedagogy (0065)

ETS’s Pedagogy exam consists of three essay questions, each worth 33 1/3 percent. One question deals with planning instruction, another with implementing instruction, and a third with assessing it. This PRAXIS II test is only one hour long. You may use a calculator if you like.

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part I (0063)

The PRAXIS II Mathematics: Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part I exam is composed of four exercises: two problems, a model, and a proof. The problems are each worth 20 percent; the model and proof are weighted at 30 percent each. Constructed responses—and a graphing calculator—are required. The test takes an hour to complete.