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Maths Exam Overview

Maths Exam overview

Consult your licensing state’s website or go to to find out which PRAXIS II tests are required for high school math certification in your state.

Find the PRAXIS II Math Test That’s Right for You
PRAXIS II tests for teachers assess two areas:
pedagogy and specific content knowledge. Pedagogy tests examine a teaching candidate’s knowledge and skill in teaching. Content knowledge exams test the candidate’s knowledge in his or her field of study. For example, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) offers PRAXIS II tests in physics, chemistry, business education, and math.

Depending upon your licensing state, you may be required to take one or more of these PRAXIS II examinations in order to obtain certification in high school mathematics.

Requirements for Licensure

Ohio high school math teachers must pass pedagogy as well content knowledge PRAXIS II examinations. Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Connecticut, on the other hand, require only the PRAXIS II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Exam (0061).
Similar information regarding mandatory tests for certification in high school mathematics is also available through state department of education websites.

PRAXIS II Exams for High School Math Teachers
The following three PRAXIS II content knowledge exams are often required for high school math certification:

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Content Knowledge Exam (0061)
During this PRAXIS II test, examinees answer 50 multiple choice questions regarding algebra and number theory, calculus, data analysis and statistics, discrete mathematics, functions, geometry, matrix algebra, measurement, probability and trigonometry. The exam takes two hours and requires a graphing calculator.

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part I (0063)
The PRAXIS II Mathematics: Proofs, Models, and Problems, Part I exam is a one-hour test that contains two problems, a model and a proof. Each problem is worth 20 percent. The model and proof are each weighted at 30 percent. A graphing calculator is required.

PRAXIS II Mathematics: Pedagogy (0065)
The ETS pedagogy exam for math teachers is comprised of three essay questions worth 33 1/3 percent each. Each question concerns a different aspect of math instruction: preparation, implementation, and assessment. Test takers have one hour to complete this PRAXIS II math test. They may use a calculator.