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The police, the armed forces and to some extent the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI are the ones that are authorized to check the background of people and organizations. The same groups of professionals are the ones that are allowed to ask questions and it is also expected that they are the ones that can store a listing of individuals. Hence on this juncture, they are the only ones capable of administering background checks. But here lies a common problem- you can expect that the services related to background checks will be slow due to the demands from many sectors like companies and agencies.

This topic regarding the background checks have been subjected to a lot of debate whether to allow easy access to these checking or to allow a reasonable background check only if done by the armed authorities. The lawmakers may have debated back and forth but in the end, the two concepts debated are necessity and privacy. Or in a legal standpoint, the Congressional arguments dwell on one issue and that is more indispensable to the public needs, the adherence to police power or the right to privacy? After so many years of debates, the government decided that it would be best to follow what the constitution says.

But this is all about history. Right now, these kinds of background checks and related services are available to all thanks to the policy set by the government. Moreover, in the advent of the internet generation founded on the legislative grant, background checks are now transcended via online making it even more accessible than ever.

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