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What are my contractual obligations?

We have no contractual obligations with tutors, we are the tutoring services match making agency. Our goal is to ensure that the student is matched with the best tutor. Each tutor is it's own contractual entity, we feel that if we provide tutors with students and keep the administrative fees low, our tutors will be coming back to us to get more student leads.

Although there is no strict contractual obligations, every tutor must understand that the student parents reserve the right not to pay any fees if for whatever reason they are not satisfied with the first tutoring session provided. This is important keypoint because it allows us to provide Greenwich Tutoring gurantee to students for their first tutoring session be absolutely risk free.

We do encourage tutors to keep their end of the deal in respect to paying 15% administrative fees since this will be the determening factor in ensuring that the tutor gets future leads. We also expect tutors to communicate with us if there is any scheduling conflicts, holidays, vacations or any other events. We would want to ensure that our students get the highest quality of tutoring service.